about me

What does photography - especially landscape and nature photography - mean to me? Why do I have so much fun in capturing pictures of trees or mountains instead of people? 

It's definitely the very exiting mixture of freedom, adventure and being outside. I really love to be in the nature, it doesn't matter whether alone or with family & friends. Pure nature helps me to get some distance from the noise and the hectic generated by big cities and the daily grind as well. 

It's my way to relax, to refill my batteries... to gain energy.

In the beginning of 2017 I have started to take photography more serious. It's not only a hobby for me - it has definitely changed my lifestyle. Now I'm planning my vacations and trips with another point of view. For example a 7 days trip alone in the Swiss Alps or staying overnight alone in the woods. I definitely have a weakness for the northern climate.

My motto: no mountain is too high, no forest too dark, to leave my comfort zone capturing some nice pictures. As an old German proverb says "The way is the goal" , I really love to experience the forces of nature.

In the end I hope that my pictures are able to transport my special thoughts and feelings during the shootings respectively my vision of the beauty of nature.